Sunday, May 16, 2010

Diana's Quilts

This is a "Weaver Fever" that my sister-in-law made at our semi-annual family quilting retreat.
We hand-dyed two 3-step gradations. We thought that is quilt would go together quickly. It didn't. We were happy that we were together and could whine to eachother the whole time.
But it was worth the effort! It is quilted with Anne Bright's "Awesome Blossom" in King Tut "Harem" variegated thread. Do you think Diana will notice if I "forget" to give it back to her?

Diana is anxiously waiting to meet her 5th grand child. This baby will be the first to carry on the family name. She lovingly made this to her daughter-in-law's specifications.
The blue fabric is "Minkee" and so is the backing. It is quilted with a simple Cloud pattern.

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