Monday, April 22, 2013

Concetta's Labyrinth

 This beauty will be a gift for Concetta's lucky son! 

Lyn's Quilts

 This is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.  I love Lyn's color selection! 

 Here is a sweet baby quilt for a friend. 

Jane's Basted Quilt

If you want to hand quilt your creation, but your knees hurt when you think about it, let me baste it for you.  Your joints will thank you! 

Sandy's Scrubs Quilts

 These are memory quilts made from nurse's scrubs.  The top one is quilted with flowers, the bottom one is quilted with sport's balls. 

Aileen's Log Cabin

 This is a wedding gift for Aileen's grandson. 

Abby's Quilts

Abby plans to hang this on her dining room wall. 

This is made from hand-dyed fabric. 

Woodpile quilts

 These are made with a log cabin look-alike block called Woodpile.  You can lay them out MANY ways. 

Carol's Quilts


Carol made this beauty for her daughter.  The multi colored fabrics are from a bee exchange.  She added the gold for a rich, warm quilt. 

 This is for Carol's soon to be born grandchild! 


Robyn's Quilts

 As you can see, Robyn does PERFECT PIECING!!!
 These small paper pieced blocks are so nicely done! 
Robyn made the quilt below  in pretty pastels. 

Beth's Baby Quilt

This is small, cute and perfect for a little kid to love. 

Diana's Blue Quilt

If you ever want to concentrate on your favorite color - make a quilt like this!  The photo doesn't do justice to it's richness and intensity. 

Brenda's Ronald McDonald Quilts

 Brenda made these cuties so she could donate them to a wonderful cause. 

Aileen's Glacier Quilt

 Aileen and her husband had to search high and low for this fabric and pattern in order to make a special quilt for their grandson. 

Kathy's Star Wars Quilt

 This is for Kathy's grandson's first birthday.  Guess what daddy  and grandpa are crazy about......

Nina's Double Wedding Ring

Nina has made several of these challenging quilts for her granddaughters! 
I attached the binding to the front, she will hand stitch to the back. 

Pauline's Quilts

 Pauline calls this one "Fall Appointment".  The photo doesn't do the pretty colors justice. 
She calls this one "Summer's Promise". 

Sheila's T-shirt Quilt

 Sheila made this for her son, Peter. 

Phyllis's Quilts

 Phyllis always uses soft, restful color palettes. 

Camp Stitchee Gume - Winter 2013

We had a wonderfully large turn-out at our family's semi-annual quilt get-together!
And with all of the little ones, you would be justified in wondering how we accomplished anything at all.  But most of the time, the ratio was 9 women to 3 babies - so we prevailed! 

 If you look closely at the following photos, you'll find that they all contain the white and gold chevron fabric.  It was chosen by our youngest inductee and is a little outside most of our comfort zones.  Never-the-less, we each incorporated it into "something stitched" using a technique we had never done before. 
                                                           Made by sister-in-law Mary

                                                           Made by daughter Abby

Made by sister-in-law Diana
                                                              Made by sister Karen

                                                Made by over-achiever sister Karen

                                                                   Made by mom

                                                             Made by sister Kathy

Made by me
This was another group project.  They are wall quilts inspired by Carol Taylor's "Arcitexture" class.