Friday, March 11, 2011

Connie's Hollow Cubes

Another one of Connie's colorful, perfectly pieced creations!

Connie's Silk Quilt

Here is another beautiful Berkeley Blues quilt by Blue Underground.

Karen's Quilts

This simple quilt has so much depth! It is quilted with stars and will be a wedding gift.

This pretty yellow and blue quilt is quilted with a "Pretty Posie" pantograph.
It has a flannel backing that shows off the quilting nicely.

Here is another pleasingly graphic pattern. This one has a soft Minkee backing.

Margaret's Star Project

This was a pass around project. Mom provided the fabric and pattern and we figured out the color placement and put a spring motif in the center.

Margaret's Strips and Curves

Margaret (my mom) loves pansies. A green and purple quilt is a perfect place for pansies.

Kathy's Strips and Curves

This quilt called for a summery motif. It has a quirky border, a pretty circular design, and the bluebird of happiness!

Rosemary's Tesselation

The photograph does not do justice to the interest and richness of Rosemary's neutral colored Japanese fabrics. It is also hard to see the charming little random motifs that she pieced into the border.
It was custom quilted to emphasize the pinwheely motif.

Virginia's Circle Quilt

Virginia made this machine appliqued quilt for her grandson. The black background shows off the wonderful African motifs in the fabrics.

Sue's Log Cabin

Sue is going to hang this quilt.
So I quilted color-appropriate motifs with a "harvest" theme. Grapes in the purple area.
Hummingbirds and flowers.

Apples, pumpkins and leaves.