Monday, February 28, 2011

Liz's Cardinals

This quilt speaks for itself. Simply wonderful!

Denise's Quilts

Denise made these pretty quilts for 2 of her granddaughters.
This one is quilted with the "Flower Power" pantograph.

This one is quilted with "Angel Wings". Aren't the fabrics adorable?

Kathy's Puzzle Quilt

Kathy always makes BRIGHT quilts!
As you can see, each block is fairly simple - but planning the color placement and keeping it straight during construction is complicated! It is quilted with a Jodi Beamish pantograph.

My Little Whole Cloth

I repainted a bathroom and wanted a little quilt for the wall. The pretty mint green color doesn't show up in the photo. This is about 15" square. The design is by One Song.

Veronica's Quilt

Veronica says that this is one of those quilts that just kept growing!
Her pretty fans are my favorite part. The quilting theme was flowers, butterflies and feathers.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Karen's CrossStitched Quilts

I wonder how many thousands of cross stitch kits are purchased and never completed. Karen deserves accolades for finishing 2 sets!!! I constructed the quilts for her.
Her grandson will get this one. When I was done quilting it, the purple marks were still very visible. I soaked the quilt in hot water and Oxyclean for about an hour. The marks faded greatly when I rubbed them with my fingers.
This one goes to her granddaughter.
My fingertips hurt when contemplating the millions of stitches! Wonderful work, Karen!

Mary's Curved Log Cabin

This quilt will eventually have several sisters. Mary made it as an inspiration for a curved log cabin bee project that she is leading. Her nontraditional layout is very interesting!
Mary likes SOFT quilts and wanted wool batting and minimal quilting. Most of the fabric is soft Kaffe Fassett.

Cindy's Ocean Waves

Cindy took a class that taught triangle-piecing-techniques.
The results speak for themselves. It is quilted with "Waterworld" pantograph.

Barbara's Batik Squares

The photo doesn't do the rich colors of this quilt justice.
It is quilted with 2 jungle leaf motifs.

Lyn's Triple Irish Chain

Lyn made this as a wedding gift for a family member.
The pantograph contains several "Irish" motifs.

Aileen's Winnie the Pooh

Aileen made this for a great grandchild. It is quilted with Ann Bright's Butterflies.

Laurel's Baby Quilt

Laural created this quilt for her niece's baby.
The backing is soft and rich brown flannel. The quilting shows up great!

We found a quilting pattern that resembled the animals on the front of the quilt.

JoAnn's Hungry Caterpillar

JoAnn made good use of this panel to make this cute quilt for her first grandchild.

Bonnie's Snow White Quilt

Bonnie made this sweet quilt for her sweet 3 year old granddaughter.

Ann's Leaves

Ann specializes in art quilts. I'm always happy to see her latest creation. This is one of her original designs. There are 3 butterflies hidden in the quilting.

Charisse's Placemats

Charisse wanted placemats that would match the decor in her Florida home. The quilting went quickly - but it took a long time to bind 12 "miniquilts"!

Carmel's Zig Zag

Another fun, graphic quilt.
Quilted with Butterfly Ballet.

Janet's Bejeweled Gift

Janet learned how to make this quilt in a workshop and is giving it to her daughter.
The backing in cuddly Minkee.

Bev's Embroidered Hummingbirds

Bev created these with her embroidery machine.
She found a great batik with frame them with.

Sue's Double Storm at Sea

So much careful piecing went into this beautiful, happy quilt.
And then Sue used a kapow backing!

Robyn's Dresden Plate Flowers

Robyn does beautiful applique. These were tiny and perfect!
It is quilted with Jessica's Feathers.

Veronica's Single Irish Chain

Veronica usually gives me lots of places to play!
It was a little tricky to find a motif that fit into this interesting blank space.

Sharon's Fall Quilts

Sharon is usually ahead of the game. She's already working on gifts for the autumn!
I love this pattern - very simple and graphic. Both are quilted with Luscious Leaves.

Schley's Trip Around the World

Schley created this beautiful quilt for her mom's birthday.
It has warm wool batting and is quilted with the Butterfly Ballet pantograph.