Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Scrap Quilts

 Above is a Curved Log Cabin.  I exchanged colored strips with other members of my Middle Creek Bee. 
 This is a scrap quilt I made for a friend. 
This is the back of the scrap quilt. 

Nikki's Baby Quilts

My daughter, Nikki, has taken up quilt making.  She pumped out 4 baby quilts using the Yellow Brick Road pattern in about a week!  There is blue Minkee on the back of the quilts. 

Wilma's Star

Wilma made this for her grand daughter who leaves for college soon. 

Pat's Fire Escape

Pat's friend Sandy helped her with this quilt.  It is quilted with Luscious Leaves. 

The Ladies of the Manor make QOV

 This is the front of a fund-raising quilt for QOV
 and this is the back. 

 These are other quilts they made for wounded soldiers.

Cindy's Old TV Sets

Cindy has a sense of humor and this quilt reminded her of old television sets......

Elaine's Scrappy Bargello

Elaine made this as a wedding gift.  It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  It's quilted with the Celtic Hearts pantograph. 

Linda's Orange Triangles

It is fun to notice all of the piecing details within the colored triangles.  Also, zoom in so you can see the interesting quilting pantograph. 

Susan's Texas Two Step

 Susan loves owls.  CUTE owl fabric and an owl pantograph. 

Betsy's Baskets

Betsy has lots of scraps and she uses them well! 

Pauline's Gently Asian

These fabrics are really pretty.  It is quilted with Gingko Leaves. 

Patricia's Wild Geese Log Cabin

This quilt is even prettier in person than the photo.  It is quilted with butterflies. 

Kellie's Antique Squares

This is an old quilt that I finished for Kellie.  It is closely quilted with the Water World pattern with wool batting and a flannel backing.  Now it can be used and enjoyed. 

Sandra's Hanky Quilts

 Sandra made these beauties out of her mother's handkerchiefs.  She is giving them to her daughters. 

Carol's Quilts

 Carol is a nature-lover and had to make this cute cardinal quilt. 

This quilt is called "Trade Winds". 

Lyn's Raspberry Pineapple Blossom

 Lyn whipped up this beauty in a Bonnie Hunter workshop. 

Diann's Red Sampler

 Diann wanted to have this pretty sampler custom quilted.

Beth's T-shirt Quilt

This is for Beth's daughter who is headed off to college this month. 

Cindy's Baby Quilts

 This is an I - Spy Quilt....
And this is the back of the I-Spy. 
 Cindy's family loves Beatrix Potter.  Cindy made these for her niece's babies. 

Karen's Quilts

Karen got the yen for curved piecing out of her system with this cutie! 
Karen made this quilt as a gift. 

Kathy's Green Building Blocks

Kathy repaired this old quilt for a coworker.  Previously it was tied.  She took it apart and I quilted it closely to support the old seams. 

Marty's Bermuda Quilt

This enormous quilt which Marty made for her guest room is the largest one I've quilted! It contains many many beautiful batiks. 

Liz's Tri Color Quilt

 Liz made this quilt from a fabric collection.  It is quilted with "Bubbles". 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peter and Kristi's Wedding Quilt

Our Middle Creek Bee makes a quilt for all of our kids when they get married.  Since Kristi's birthday is on the 4th of July, it was an easy choice. 

Judy's Baby Quilt

Won't a baby look cute right in the center of this quilt? 

Lory's Woven Blocks

What a fun use of a great batik collection! 

Ardith's Cross Stitched Duckies

Ardith has made several precious cross stitched quilts for her great grand children. 

Cindy's Tumbling Blocks

This will be a nice wall quilt! 

Connie's Pinwheels

We chose a pantograph called "Blowing in the Wind" for this quilt. 

Peggy's Route 66 Quilt

Peggy does beautiful embroidery!  Here's a perfect example. 

Kim's Fence Rail

Kim chose a pretty feather pantograph to match the beautiful fabric in the border.

Linda's Stacked Quilt

 We chose a "Love Bead" pantograph for the quilting design.  It works well! 

Bre's Chevron Quilt

Bre made this fun quilt as a baby gift.