Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sara's Quilts

 Sara made this quilt for her husband.  Wonder what he likes to drink!
 It is quilted with a Grape Vine pattern.
 This quilt would keep you awake at night!  It is quilted with a Chicken Wire pantograph. 
This is the polar opposite.  Restful fabric and colors.  It is quilted with Swirls.

Sue's Quilt

 The piecing for this quilt is simple but the results are so pleasing!  Sue drew from her huge collection of batiks.  It is quilted with Swirls. 

Beth's Quilts

 Beth calls this quilt "Gleeful Bars" and made it for a coworker who is moving away.
 It is quilted with joyful swirls. 
 This is another gift.  Don't you love the backing fabric?  It is quilted with Gingko Leaves. 

Pauline's Quilts

 Pauline named this quilt "Blue Bird Maze" and it is quilted with a bird and leaf pantograph. 
This quilt is named "A Goose for Christmas".  It is quilted with a poinsettia pattern. 

Judy's Flannel Baby Quilt

This is quilted with the Blowing in the Wind pantograph.  Won't it be a cozy baby quilt? 

LaVonne's Dinosaur Quilt

This cutey is quilted with a prehistoric fern pantograph. 

Pat's Big Star

 We combined flowers, arcs, and tendrils on this pretty quilt. 

Lynne's Winding Ways and Hearts

 These hearts are quilted with the Water World pantograph. 
The Winding Ways quilt is custom quilted to emphasize the circular pattern 

Barbara's Quilt

Barbara's quilt has a flower pattern quilted on it.