Thursday, December 31, 2009

Connie's Fractured Garden

I work so intimately with quilts, that I can usually figure out exactly how they are made. Not so this time! I might have to take Connie's class at Pieceful Hearts in order to make this one!
Here is a fractured lily.
Here is the same flower out in the border.

Another fractured lily. I love how it looks blurry.
It's unfractured sister.....

Connie's Class Samples

Connie has taught her "Roman Stripes" class several times. This is another beautiful fabric combination and layout.
I quilted "ghost flying geese" in the border.

Learn how to master this hexagon "I Spy" in Connie's class at Pieceful Hearts in Lisle.

This is a "fractured" piecing technique that Connie teaches. What an eye-holding wall quilt!

Schley's Class Sample

Schley promises that these perfect circles are really easy to make. Learn how in her class at Pieceful Hearts in Lisle this winter. This quilt displays a wonderful assortment of African motifs but this would be a great way to display any collection of fabrics that you can't bear to cut into tiny pieces.

Barbara's Quilt

Study the piecing of this quilt. It is so simple yet so pretty! Of course, I suspect that Barbara's fabric selection had a lot to do with it! It is quilted with "Fern Meander".
The back is almost as great as the front!

Sandy's Quilt

Sandy made this quilt for her grand daughter. It is the prettiest shade of pink I've ever seen! It is quilted with "Butterfly Ballet" and pink variegated thread.

Jill's Quilts

This is for Jill's daughter-in-law.
It is quilted with an Ann Bright pantograph of bees, butterflies, and dragonflies.

This one is for Jill's daughter.

The circular piecing is reinforced with Ann Bright's "Sticky Buns" pantograph.

Linda's Quilt

Linda's grand daughter wanted a "horse quilt". Not only did gramma come through with great fabric -
she also found this very cool, thick rick rack to enhance it!

Cathie's T-shirt Quilt

Cathie is a serious t-shirt quilt maker - good thing because her family must be fanatic t-shirt wearers! She has had so much practice that she can get those stretchy t-shirts to conform into a perfectly straight quilt!
This one is for her son. His highschool alma mater is Saint Charles and the emblem is the fleur dis lis.

Helen's Quilts

This is for one of Helen's outdoorsy sons.
It is quilted with a "Bear Track" pantograph except for the center.

This is for her other son. This one is quilted with overall leaves.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Christmas Stockings

When my 4 kids were babies, I made felt and sequin stockings for them for Christmas. Let's just say that I'm not willing to make more for grand children. These are strip quilted. Nancy Garrison did the wonderful machine embroidered names. The 3 unmarried kids are debating what colors future spouses will get. Stay tuned......

Ted's T-shirt Quilt

Ted ran in the PeachTree Road Race for many years. But now his knees won't cooperate. Wife Barb raided his cache of shirts to make a memory sofa quilt for him for Christmas.

Lyn's Quilt

This bright crazy log cabin is quilted with Ann Bright's "Sticky Buns" pantograph.

Lisa's Baby Quilt

Lisa and her daughter made this quilt for a friend.
The backing is luscious pink Minkee. It is quilted with a design from "One Song".

Donajean's Quilt

Donajean made this luscious flannel quilt for her grandson.
It is quilted with Ann Bright's "Sports Balls" pantograph.

Schley's Class Sample

Schley will be teaching how to make the Storm at Sea pattern at Pieceful Hearts in Lisle.
She uses Wendy Mathson's book and "Trimplates" to get very accurate blocks. This was custom quilted to emphasize the visual movement of the pattern.

Schley's Border Pass Around

Schley is in the same bee as Connie (scroll back several quilts). This is HER border pass around.
I did fancy custom quilting in the large center block and a graceful butterfly pantograph in the rest of the quilt.

Schley's 3 for 1

Schley was able to parlay this regal quilt into 3 gifts for her son.
The blocks were his highschool graduation present. The assembled quilt was his college graduation present.

Now he will finally get the completed quilt for Christmas. Pretty clever, Schley!

We used the Fleur De Lis as the theme motif
and augmented with geometrics.