Thursday, October 11, 2012

Clothesline Madness

 Recently we held our semi-annual Camp Stitchee Gume.  This time we focused our razor-sharp minds on clothesline projects.  The bowl above is sitting on the fabric used to wrap the clothesline. 
 2 beautiful bowls and a trivet. 

 This tote needed 200 feet of wrapped clothesline!
 This basket combines wrapped and dyed clothesline. 

My mom worked and worked to make this lovely placemat.  If my dad spills on it, he's toast! 
These items are made with dyed clothesline. 

This was made to hold a large casserole dish.

  This placemat was made with 2 strands. 
It is hard to predict the results of dyeing,  The clothesline for these 2 trivets were different brands - but the dye was the same! 
Here is some more clothesline - awaiting it's fate! 

Diana's Baby Quilt

 Diana's got another grandson coming - hopefully this week!  The Minkee backing matches perfectly with the front - but you wouldn't know it if you trusted my camera! 

Lyn's Red Black-Eyed Susan

 Lyn always does lovely machine applique!  She wanted "flowing" quilting. 

Lari's Baby Quilt

You'll have to turn your head and appreciate the cute dog and cat fabric.  Lari made this for a new grand-nephew.   It is quilted with paw prints.

Liz's Quilts

 This is a pattern called "Urban Grunge".  It is quilted with a "flat meander" to compliment the Asian fabrics. 
Liz made this quilt for the Quilters Dream Batting program called "Hopes and Dreams".  The quilts benefit victims of Lou Gehrig's Disease. 

Lorraine's Grandma's Fans

 Lorraine has been getting to know her sewing machine.  She spent many hours doing fancy stitches on her fans! 

Karen's Black Star

 This is a little wall quilt that Karen pieced.  Simple and beautiful! 

Judy's Quilts

 Judy has made a Christmas quilt for a family member for many years! 
 And her family is growing - more grandchildren are arriving! 

Beth's Quilt

Beth wanted this quilted to look old fashioned and simple.  Isn't it pretty? 

Mary's Civil War Quilt

 Mary was a beginning quilter when she got this book and started making these blocks.  The instructions were non-existant and she learned how to draft and paper piece.   She ended up with this wonderful quilt (that got the full support of her Civil-War-Fanatic husband)! 

Linda's Hobo Quilts

 Last month I published Linda's other 2 Hobo Quilts.  Her 4 lucky grandsons are the recipients. 
 4 color themes.  Each personalized for one of the boys.  How special! 

Karen's Wedding Celebration

Family members decorated these napkins and Karen assembled this quilt for her sister. 

Becki's Strips and Curves

 Becki made this beauty in a workshop a few years ago. 
It is quilted with grapes, sunflowers, and hearts.  An autumn theme. 

Jennifer's Mom's Quilts

 Jennifer is in charge of finishing up her mom's quilts.  This is a Irish Chain. 
All I did on this quilt was to quilt the border.  The body was already hand quilted.  I prepared both quilts for Jennifer to hand stitch the binding. 

Sandy's Tow the Line

Sandy used a lot of beautiful batik blues and greens to make this quilt.  It is quilted with a Fiddle Fern pattern. 

Sandy's Urban Grunge

Sandy made this for her husband's birthday.  It is backed with luscious Minkee.

Sandy's Fire Escape

This is quilted with a reversing Baptist Fan. 

Kori's Wedding Gift

 My daughter's friend, Kori, got married last month.  I made this as a wedding gift. 
This shot shows the backing fabric (the inspiration for the fabric choices on the front) and the care label that I incorporated into the piecing on the front of the quilt. 

Rebecca's T-shirt Quilt

Rebecca's school colors were black and white and purple and white.  Her next adventure is in Singapore. 
This quilt captures past and future memories.