Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sarah's Amazon Star Quilt

Sarah used Karen Niemeyer's paper templates to construct this beautiful quilt. She did a fantastic job joining it all together! And she gets an A for stay stitching the outer edge which prevented stretching and popped seams.

This quilt almost doubled my previously held record of number of hours to quilt a quilt - I spent almost 24 hours on it! But it stayed interesting because there were so many different areas!

I quilted continuous curves and straight lines in the colored parts and feathers in the light background.

Barbara's Strip Quilt

I love the color combination of this quilt. It is quilted with WaterWorld.

Connie's Irish Chain

Connie will use this good old pattern to teach a beginner's quilting class at Pieceful Hearts in Lisle.

Quilts of Valor

I have made some very tactile Quilts of Valor for soldiers who have lost their vision.

Each quilt has as many textures of fabric as I can find. Chenille, satin, velvet, wool and so on.

Adam's T-shirt quilt

A great reminder of Adam's many interests during high school and college!

Wedding Quilt for Carol

Carol loves this verse. So when she announced her engagement, we knew we had to incorporate it into a quilt for her. It is done as a pass around with each member of the bee making a border.

Phyllis's Quilts

This cutie is quilted with Butterfly Ballet.

I don't know how Phyllis manages this complicated layout of courthouse steps! It is quilted with "Jessica's Feathers" pantograph.

Susan's Batik Quilt

This pretty quilt is quilted with a fern pantograph.

Mary's Pinwheel

A sweet little quilt. I used the WaterWorld pantograph in a small scale.

Mary's 4 Patch Poseys

I like how Mary occasionally used a fussy cut one piece block interspersed with her other "poseys". It is quilted with Gingko Leaves.

Liz's Asian Panel

I quilted the background of the panel. Stitched in the ditch of the bars and put "Blowing Grass Clamshells" in the border. Liz is going to quilt around the characters.

Liz's Cardinal Quilt

If you look back a few months, you'll see that Liz made another quilt very similar to this one.

Aren't Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal cute?

And surprise! She added the Angry Bluebird. Great free hand machine embroidery on her part!

Cheryl's Baby Quilt

Cheryl must have been a girl scout. She's already prepared for her first grandchild. Even though her son doesn't have a girlfriend yet! The cute turtles in the fabric are the inspiration for the quilted sea turtles.

Connie's 8 Pointed Star

It can be a challenge to get these eight points to join perfectly in the center. Not to mention the set-in seams. Master these skills in a class taught by Connie at Piecefulhearts!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Santa's Helper

I had a lot of fun making some quilted Christmas gifts this year. Here are the ones I remembered to take photos of......Above is a case for my grandson's LeapFrog "Computer".

Have you heard of PUL fabric? It is very soft yet water resistant. I got some at JoAnn's and made these cosmetic kits for my daughter.

This is a quilted computer bag.

We bought this fabric to make a quilt, but changed our mind. So I used it to make a duffle bag.

I helped my daughter make quilted Christmas stockings for her new in-laws.

I forgot to take photos of quilted wine totes and a back pack in Hawaiian fabric for an upcoming honeymoon. Oh yea - I got anatomically correct baby dolls for my grandkids and made matching pjs for kids and dolls. Vacation is over now. Back to work!

HAPPY 2012!!!!