Sunday, February 14, 2010

Carol's Quilts

The simple piecing shows off the great African motifs of the fabric.
It is quilted with the "Pizzazz" pantograph.

Carol found this old quilt at an antique store in Texas. Some of the fabrics are very course feed sacks.
It is very sturdy. Once it gets a bath, shrinks, and crinkles, it will be really charming! It is quilted with "Jessica's Feathers".

Lisa's Trip Around the World

I have a new camera and it seems like I'm always making excuses for it. Again - the colors are washed out. The body of Lisa's quilt is stitched in the ditch. I thought it was going to be boring - but I really like it.
The borders have pretty quilted swirls.

Sandy's Quilts

Boy - my camera did weird things! What looks blue is really a beautiful teal. Anyway - it is a great Disappearing Nine Patch pattern.
It is quilted with Fern Meander in "Nile Crocodile" King Tut thread.

Sandy made this sweet quilt for a baby shower.
I quilted the dragonflies with a new, quite thick, hot pink thread. It looks really great!

Susan's Quilts

Susan made this sweet quilt for her daughter.
It is quilted with Anne Bright's "Flower Power" pantograph.

This one is for Susan's son. I would have never thought to use that red border - but it is beautiful. The bluish green vibrates against the red!
It is quilted with Jody Beamish's "Water World" pantograph. I "hid" several sea turtles, too!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Spy

I try to make a quilt whenever one of my non-quilting friends becomes a grand parent. I have been collecting I Spy fabrics for a long time. Plus I was able to include a few squares that are personalized for this family.
The backing is a cozy variagated blue Minkee.

Doris's Patriotic Quilt

This is one of two quilts that Doris made to honor her grandsons' military careers. The red and white stripes are machine pieced, the rest is hand pieced. The stars are PERFECTLY hand appliqued with the blanket stitch. What a wonderful tribute from a proud gramma.

Sara's Wedding Gift

Sara is "at that age" that she needs a wedding gift for a friend every few months. Lucky for her, her mother is the fastest piecer in Winnebago County.
The backing of this quilt is thick, rich, black Minkee. It shows off the "Butterfly Ballet" pantograph so nicely.

Laurel's Music Quilt

Laurel made this to celebrate her daughter's graduation with a Music Therapy Degree.
Although the proportions are slightly different, notice that it is the same pattern as Carol's Garden Twist!

Carol's Garden Twist

We quilted butterflies all over Carol's garden. You can't tell in the photo, but she took great pains to have all of the motifs "growing" in the right direction. Compare the pattern with Laurel's Music Quilt.

Some Cute Kids

Just had to show off my grandchildren! In this photo, Cali is 2 and Ty is 6 months.
Their mommy keeps very busy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Liz's Quilts

This quilt is enormous and very well made. 2 jillion seams and it is flat and square. Good job, Liz! It took an entire day to quilt the "Terry Twist" in the patterned areas with variagated thread.
I quilted grapes in the largest areas, oak leaves and other "harvest" motifs in the smaller black areas.
I stabilized the seams and quilted the largest border. Liz is going to quilt the center and outer borders herself.

Claire's Quilt

This quilt is sweet, simple and very pretty.
It is quilted with Donna Kleinke's "Teddy Bear Rose" pantograph.