Sunday, August 30, 2009

Judy's Christmas Quilts

Now don't hate her, but Judy had these 2 Christmas gifts done in April!
This one is quilted with cute snowmen.

This one is quilted with an overall meander.

Judy used a flannel sheet for the backing. Inexpensive and no seams!

Ann's Flower Quilt

Ann made this quilt as a wedding present.
Her hand applique is lovely!

This is HEAVILY quilted - so I have to show off the back.

Peggy's Mariner's Compass

Peggy started this quilt in 2000 when she took a class to learn how to draft and construct the center block. It is entirely hand pieced! She brought it to me about 2 years ago and I used my long arm to baste the layers together. You can still see the long stitches.
Peggy hand quilted it, then brought it back to me so I could prepare it for hand binding. Isn't her stitching lovely?!

It's All Their Fault!

This is my grand daughter, Cali (who is 21 months old).
This is her baby brother, Ty, who was born on August 24. If I'm not as efficient as I used to be, I'm blaming them! Who could resist?

Linda's Sampler

Linda hand pieced this great sampler. It is quilted with Keryn Emerson's "Featheration" pattern.

Dorothy's Quilt

Dorothy hand pieced this pretty quilt!

We chose simple flowers, butterflies, and leaves to enhance the piecing.

Mary's Baby Quilt

Mary made this quilt for her grand daughter who is due in October. There are tiny pink ants printed on the green fabric. After she took it home, Mary embroidered several larger pink ants climbing up the pink blocks. It is quilted with the "Big Bubbles" pattern.

Carol's Wyland SeaScape

Carol made this for her son and daughter-in-law. It is overall quilted with Jodi Beamish's "Water World" pattern.
I snuck in a few dolphin and sea turtles at Carol's request!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Laurel's Baby Quilts

Laurel gets an A for her beautifully appliqued colored circles. We used a rainbow varigated thread and the "Bubbles" pattern.
I thought that the back was so cute - I had to show it.

This is heavily quilted with a green/blue varigated thread.

I just love the attitude of this fish.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Barbara's Batik Chevrons

Wouldn't this be a great quilt to make for the man in your life? Barbara made it from 1 fabulous striped batik!
It is quilted with zigzags with wool batting. When it's washed, the crinkles will blur the seams and stitching and give it wonderful texture!

Cathie's T-shirt Quilt

Cathie has made many, many T-shirt quilts for family and friends. And she has tied or quilted all of them on her domestic machine! But she finally cried "uncle" on this queen size , 2 sided behemoth. Take a moment to appreciate Cathie's distribution of color, size and density while combining at least 50 t-shirts.
The other incredible thing is that both sides were perfectly square! Cathie deals with the stretchy fabric by starching it as stiff as a board. She gets an A++ on this quilt!

Art and Mildred's 60th Anniversary Quilt

This treasure was made by my childhood friend, Connie, for her parents' Diamond Anniversary! It was an honor to quilt it - and especially fun since I was there for some of the family legends! Notice the 4 quadrants of color to symbolize the 4 offspring plus THEIR children. Lots of love is stitched into this quilt!

Barbara's Fishies

Isn't this cute? This is custon quilted. It has a water meander in the background,
decorative scales on the fish and a sea shell border.