Saturday, August 28, 2010

Schley's Silks

Kits to make these luscious silk quilts are available at Sew Generously and Pieceful Hearts.
Sign up for Schley's class so you can benefit from her experience constructing these beautiful quilts.

The photos don't do justice to the luminescence of these quilts!

The way that the light reflects off this silk is amazing!

Schley's Class Quilts

I've lost track of where Schley is teaching which class - but if you like these, check with Sew Generously in St. Charles and Pieceful Hearts in Lisle.
In this quilt, you learn to make a clever star.

Schley also teaches how to make the "Storm at Sea" quilt.

It is a tricky pattern made easier with special templates and techniques.
This is the Trip Around the World pattern.

Karen's Weaver Fever

Karen might be scarred for life. Altho this pattern is beautiful - it is very tiresome to stitch.
But Karen was a good sport and used up most of her hand dyed gradation.
I especially like the border fabric! It is quilted with the "Featheration" pantograph.

Kathy's Weaver Fevers

The green and orange fabrics are hand dyed gradations. Kathy had enough to make 2 baby size quilts.
This pattern is rather tedious to construct. If you look closely, this is Kathy's first quilt. She followed the directions on this one and cut narrow strips.

This one went a little faster because she cut wider strips. They ended up the same size - but less work with the second version.

Connie's Farmer's Wife Quilt

The "Farmer's Wife" mimics the idea of the "Dear Jane" quilt. Connie took a class to help inspire her to make the many, varied blocks. She didn't get them all made, but still ended up with this lovely sofa throw.

Vi's Patriotic Quilt

Vi is in a "Swedish Bee". They decided to exchange red, white and blue fabrics! This represents Vi's use of the fabric.
It is quilted with Jodi Beamish's "Water World" pantrograph and variegated thread.

Quilts of Valor

I make quilts for wounded soldiers when I get some free time. The flannel fabrics on the front are dontated. (they are pretty "diverse" but interesting!) The backing is also donated by Janes Fabrics (an E-bay store). Elaine (from the previous post) binds them for me.

Elaine's Log Cabin

Won't this rich, curved log cabin look pretty on a bed?
I've had this pattern for a long time but this was the first time I could use it. We liked how the tan thread on the white fabric tamed the white intensity a little.

Lori's Wedding Quilt

Lori made this as a wedding gift for her stepson and his new wife.
It is quilted with the "Blowing in the Wind" pantograph which reminded us of steam swirls coming from the coffee cups in the fabric.

Connie's Straight Out of Line

If you want to learn the tricks for making this beautiful quilt, take Connie's class at Pieceful Hearts in Lisle.
It is custom quilted. I tried to emphasize the curves and fabric choice.

Even the backing is luscious!

Sharon's Bear Quilts

OK - we all get to be very jealous of Sharon. Not only does she have quilts done for Christmas presents for her 4 grandsons - if you scroll back a month or so, you'll see 4 quilts done for her granddaughters!
Some people get all the self discipline! She also survived a daughter's wedding and a newborn grandchild this summer!

They are quilted with the "Bear Claw" pantograph.

JoAnn's Signature Quilt

JoAnn made this beautiful, huge quilt for a retiring coworker. The muslin blocks have written memories and sentiments from other staff members. The color scheme is very rich.
It is quilted with the "Featheration" pantograph.

Jan's Churndash

Jan made this back when the weather was cold and she wanted a taste of spring. The border fabric inspired her other fabric choices.
It is custom quilted with a feather and vine theme. Isn't that wide rick rack cute?

Lois's CrossRoads

Isn't this a pretty pattern? And a beautiful array of red fabrics.
It is quilted with Jodi Beamish's "Daisy Swirl" pantograph.

Julie's Sampler Quilts

Julie has been busy constructing these 2 large sampler quilts. One for herself and one for her parents.
The are both quilted with the Luscious Leaves Pantograph.
She even made these pretty pillow shams!