Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mr. Cardinal is Really Embarassed

 For months I have noticed that my cardinals all look pretty scruffy.  But every time I reached for a camera, they disappeared.  Wouldn't you if you looked like this?!?!  I FINALLY caught one today. 
The poor birds!  We think they must have some kind of mite.  The rest of his feathers are a dull, sickly color, too. 

Ty's Dinosaur Quilt

I made this for my grandson's 3rd birthday.  It is supposed to be non-scary and non-babyish.  It was loosely inspired by one of his puzzles.  That is a DADDY T-Rex going to sit on his eggs.  He would never dream of EATING them! 

Abby's Quilts

 I'm the proud grandmother of these quilts that my daughter made.  This is a One Block Wonder made for Abby's boyfriend's sister's wedding. 
 The above photo shows a detail of the quilting and a sample of the fabric before it was cut into hexagons. 
 Ab made this as a wedding gift also.  It is quilted with a pantograph by Ellen Munnich. 

Elaine's Quilts

 A friend gave Elaine the kit to make this striking quilt.  It is quilted with "Luscious Leaves".
Elaine's piecing is perfect on this Roman Stripes.  It is quilted with the "Bubbles" pantograph. 

Liz's Quilts

 Here is a pretty Quilt of Valor that Liz made. 

 And this is an amazing Japanese-inspired quilt! 
 We decided to keep the quilting "minimalist".  Liz's piecing is great. So many borders and the quilt was very flat! 

Linda's Fan and Flower Quilts

First, here is Linda's Sunflower Quilt.  She appliqued all of those teeny triangle lattices! 

 Here is the Dresden Fan she made for her sister.  There is a feathered wreath quilted in the center of each block. 

Linda's Hobo Quilts

 Have you seen the book called "Hobo Quilts" by Debra Henninger?  Here are 2 of the 4 quilts that Linda has made for her grandsons. 
 I'm including some close-ups so you can appreciate the workmanship! 
 The one above was quilted with a dinosaur pantograph. 
 This one was quilted with a pantograph called "WoodGrain". 

Karen's Quilts

 I can't let a month go by without quilting (and showing off) a few (more) quilts made by my sister. 
 The batiks in the above quilt are lovely.  It is quilted with a pantograph designed by Keryn Emmerson. 
Karen made this quilt for a friend who will be retiring soon. 

Diana's Hawaiian Quilt

Diana made this fun quilt with fabrics she got when she and her hubby went to Hawaii for their 35th anniversary. 

Lorraine's Civil War Quilt (Homeward Bound)

 Lorraine got these fabrics in a bee exchange.  If you look at postings from a few months ago, you'll see 3 "sister quilts". 

Susan's Fishie Birthday Quilt

 Susan made this for her nephew.  The "lumpy Minkee" makes the back almost as much fun as the front!

June's Batik T Quilt

 June made this quilt for one of her daughters.  I love the color combination!