Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peter and Kristi's Wedding Quilt

Our Middle Creek Bee makes a quilt for all of our kids when they get married.  Since Kristi's birthday is on the 4th of July, it was an easy choice. 

Judy's Baby Quilt

Won't a baby look cute right in the center of this quilt? 

Lory's Woven Blocks

What a fun use of a great batik collection! 

Ardith's Cross Stitched Duckies

Ardith has made several precious cross stitched quilts for her great grand children. 

Cindy's Tumbling Blocks

This will be a nice wall quilt! 

Connie's Pinwheels

We chose a pantograph called "Blowing in the Wind" for this quilt. 

Peggy's Route 66 Quilt

Peggy does beautiful embroidery!  Here's a perfect example. 

Kim's Fence Rail

Kim chose a pretty feather pantograph to match the beautiful fabric in the border.

Linda's Stacked Quilt

 We chose a "Love Bead" pantograph for the quilting design.  It works well! 

Bre's Chevron Quilt

Bre made this fun quilt as a baby gift. 

Karen's Checkerboard Solids

Isn't this fun and pretty?!?!

Karen's Chevron Quilts

 I think it is safe to say that Karen got interested in making Chevron quilts! 

 Unfortunately, neither of us noticed the mistake until after this was quilted!  Karen is in the process of repairing it since it will be a quilt raffled for a charity. 

Diana's Quilt

The instructions for this interesting quilt come from a new book by Ricky Timms. 

Sara's Quilts

 Sara has some extra quilts on hand to give as gifts!