Saturday, July 7, 2012

Karen has Ben-Inspired

If you want to get sea-sick, keep staring at this quilt!  Karen made this to benefit the following:

Karen's Other Quilts

 I have a new "Hearts and Curls" pantograph.  I ended up using it on both of these quilts. 

Diana's Baby Quilts

This is for Diana's son's baby who will be joining us soon. 

This is for Diana's daughter's baby.  When he is born, Diana (who looks like she is about 35) will have 6 grandsons and 1 granddaughter! 

Cricket's Berkley Blues

A beautiful, shimmery silk quilt.  It is quilted with the "Bubbles" pantograph.  Wool batting elevates the drama. 

Carol's Half Square Batik Quilt

Carol may never again want to touch a half square triangle - but don't you love the results?  The border is especially striking - I should have gotten more of it into the photo. 

Kathy's Quilts

 This pretty quilt is quilted with the Fandangle pantograph. 
This ShadowPlay quilt is masculine, so I used a simple geometric pantograph.

Kathy's Baby Quilt #2

 This is the second quilt that my sister has made for her soon-to-be-born grandson.  It matches the decor of his room. 
Minkee on the back.....

Claire's Civil War Quilt

 This is a result of a bee exchange of civil war fabrics. 
It is quilted with a leaves and tendrils  pantograph. 

Wilma's Funky Monkeys

 Wilma made this for a new grandchild!

Cari's Running Quilt

Cari has run many marathons and has the shirts to prove it! 

Sandy's Batik Double Stars

Sandy made this for a friend.  It is quilted with the "Blowing in the Wind" pantograph. 

Beth's Graduation Gift

This is a gift for one of Beth's nephews.  It shows off a wide range of lovely batiks! 

Susan's Double Wedding Ring

Susan found this old quilt at a garage sale.    It had a few issues (as do many DWRs) but most of them "quilted out".  Now it will be a great wedding gift for her niece! 

Cathie's T-shirt Quilt

Cathie is at it again - creating ANOTHER wonderful memory quilt. 

Dian's 9 patches

 First Dian challenged herself to work with her blue scraps. 
 It is quilted with a stars and snowflakes theme.
 Then she dipped into her fall scraps and made 2 twin size bed spreads. 
These have an oak leaf theme. 

Marcia's Quilts

 For this quilt, we chose a snowflake theme. 

 This quilt is the result of an "ugly fabric" exchange.  The fabric in the center of each block helped add personality to this beautiful quilt! 

Abby's Wedding Gift

 I love the combo of colors and visual textures in this modern quilt. 
This shows the fun backing Abby chose. 

Karen's CrossStitch

Karen lovingly stitched these squares for her grandson.  I assembled, quilted and finished it for her. 

Jill's Quilts

 Jill made this cutie for her granddaughter.  It is quilted with the Fandangle pantograph. 
These stripes are created with parallelograms.  It is quilted with dragonflies, bees, and butterflies.

Concetta's Berkley Blues

 Concetta thinks that the red/purple silk was accidentally put into her kit.  I really like the "kick" it adds!
She went outside the box and used a velveteen backing.  Its weight helps overcome the stiffness of the fusible web that is necessary to keep the silk from ravelling.  She will use this as a sofa throw! 

Makenzie's T-shirt Quilt

Makenzie just graduated from high school.  She will be taking these memories with her to college! 

Helen's Blue Bars

Helen made this for her granddaughter's high school graduation.  Because of the color theme, we decided to quilt it with the WaterWorld pantograph.