Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sharon's Leaf Quilt

This was a beautiful autumn day and it was fun to work on Sharon's fall quilt!
She chose Jody Beamish's "Maple Syrup" pantograph and varigated thread.

Connie's Hand Embroidered Gramma Quilt

Connie's mom helped her with this wonderful stitching.
She chose Jody Beamish's "Popcorn" pantograph because it reminded her of clouds and wind.

Connie's Hand Embroidered Bluebird Quilt

This sweet quilt features bluebirds and teacups.
Connie chose Tammy Finkler's "Pretty Posies" pantograph.

Bev's Machine Embroidered Quilt

Bev has been playing with her new machine!

The blocks speak for themselves. I just traced each flower and enclosed it in a pretty frame.
A leafy design in the sashing and piano keys in the border was enough.

Linda's Quilt

This is a great, scrappy quilt.
It is quilted with the Butterfly Ballet pantograph.

Varigated thread on the back!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Liz's Dahlia

Aren't Liz's color choices wonderful?
It is quilted with Tammy Finkler's designs.

It is hard to see that the green is heavily quilted in curlicues.

My WoodPile

Members of my "Sew Bee It Bee" made many of these "woodpile" blocks for me in an exchange that we had a year ago. I was so excited to find this border fabric!

Camp Stitchee Gume

Twice a year, my mom, sisters and I get together for several days of non-stop stitching!
One of our projects this time was to add to our arsenal of "Cousin Quilts" (quilts we give to the children of our cousins when they get married).

We all pre-made many "WoodPile" blocks (looks like log cabin, but faster). Then we traded and laid them out in various ways.

Our color theme was light and dark "earth tones" - which basically meant "anything except neon" or pink.

Kathy's Quilt

This a the same Kathy who made the wedding gift a few postings ago. She made this one for her daughter for Christmas. It was an Eye Spy pattern but Kathy saw it's potential to show off this great patterned fabric.
The chocolate flannel backing is even more luscious with wool batting and the Pizzazz pantograph.

Molly's Baby Quilts

Molly is my daughter-in-law, and a beginning quilter. She is a fast learner - which is good because many of her friends are having babies.
The gender of this baby is going to remain a mystery - thus the cute, unisex colors and pattern.

This baby is going to be a girl and she has an older sister who needs a dolly quilt.

Both quilts have a cozy flannel backing. This one is quilted with Ann Bright's "Flower Power" pantograph.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Liz's Baby Mary Janes

This adorable quilt is less than 1 square yard. Aren't the shoes precious? A very sweet idea for a baby girl quilt!

Connie's Patriotic Zig Zag

Connie made this for her husband's office. Won't it make an interesting wall hanging?
Too bad most people won't see the clever backing!

Barbara's Dinosaur Quilt

I got the lighting wrong to show how colorful this quilt is. Barbara made it for her 4 year old nephew.
It is quilted with an overall pantograph called "Pizazz" designed by Kristen Hoftyzer. We used polyester batting for a light weight, poofy quilt. Gus is gonna love it!

A Photo Quilt

Won't this be a great surprise for a special birthday girl?!?!

Connie's Pieced Applique

Connie made this beauty as a sample for a class she is going to teach at Pieceful Hearts in Lisle this autumn. It is a very interesting technique featured in 2 books written by Penny Haren.
These blocks are only 6" big. They usually start as 4 or 9 patches then have shapes strategically appliqued to create the most complex designs.

It is custom quilted with a beautiful feather design by Donna Kleinke.

Kathy's Starry Night

My sister, Kathy, made this as a gift for her son, Adam who will be marrying Machelle in January. She saw it in a magazine and figured out how to make it.
Those blue squares are only 1" - lots of room for error - but Kathy did a great job. Those star points are hard, too.

It is quilted with motifs from a Tammy Finkler collection of Ginkgo Leaves. Isn't it lovely?

I love wide, plain borders!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Karen's Late Summer Garden

This quilt was fun to do!
I let the gorgeous King Tut varigated thread do most of the work. There are a few hummingbirds sipping nectar from the flowers!

Karen likes to try different battings. We used Matilda's Black Wool/Poly blend since the backing is solid black.

Connie's Day and Night

A photo does not do this quilt justice! The sharp contrast and impeccable piecing is stunning! If you would like to make your own version of this pattern, Connie will be teaching a class at Pieceful Hearts in Lisle.

When I first saw this quilt, I saw the 4 pointed stars. After a while, I noticed the "spider webs". I tried to emphasize them by "swooshing" through them.