Friday, March 30, 2012

They Couldn't Wait!

These guys were supposed to wait and bloom for my daughter's wedding on May 4. But they just had to help celebrate the warm weather we've had.

Sarah's Birthday Quilt

Sarah made this for her great-niece. The colors are really pretty together!

Bunny's Japanese Memories

Bunnie made this to commemorate her daughter's family's trip to Japan.

Liz's Modern Curves

Liz needs a summer cabin to show off her cool quilt!

Laurel's Quilts

First a ThimbleBerries Birdhouse quilt.

This is the back. Soft flannel that shows off the pantograph.

And now 2 adorable baby quilts!

Mandy's Blue Quilt

Mandy might hang this on a wall. Won't it be a fun visual study?

Lorraine's Bargello

Another Bargello Beauty!

I always like to show a close-up of the wonderful fabric selection.

Phyllis's Quilts

Phyllis always uses soft, beautiful, restful color combinations!

Jean's Civil War Scrap Quilt

Jean's bee exchanged these blocks made with civil war fabrics. They each put them together and did their own appliqued border.

Lynn's Circle Quilt

Lynn proves her piecing ability with this quilt!

It is a gift for her animal loving daughter.

My Nuts and Bolts

My bee helped to make these crazy blocks for this crazy quilt. It is for my future son-in-law. He chose the fabrics. The blocks are all made free-form. It was really fun and I want to make another someday.

Janet's Berkley Blues

Another beautiful color combination.

Debora's Rainbow of Berkley Blues

Aren's these gorgeous? I'll just let you feast your eyes.....

Camp Stitchee Gume Spring 2012

This is a sampling of what we got done in 4 days of non-stop sewing!

Karen's Gifts

Karen made quilts for many of her daughter's friends when they got married. Now her son's friends are getting "to that age".

A bright, pretty quilt for a baby!

The photo lies about the backing color - it is lime green Minkee. As usual, it is a good place to show off cute quilting motifs.

Paul's Rocket Quilt

Paul's Gramma D has been busily making quilts for all of her grandchildren. This is #4.

They all have glow-in-the-dark thread.

Becki's Quilt

The blocks for this quilt were made as part of a bee pass-around. Becki cleverly fussy-cut the black squares and arranged the colors to create the secondary pattern.

She is giving it to her daughter who helped choose the fabrics.

Ian's T-shirt quilt

Another colorful quilt chock full of memories!

Lori's Quilts

Lori is so prolific! It seems like she makes a LARGE quilt almost every month!

I love the owls in this border!

I forgot to take a close up of Lori's mitered corners. She is a master of matching the prints!

Betsy's Quilt

Altho this quilt is red and green, I would use it year round!

Lyn's Wedding Gift

Lyn had fun collecting the horse and dog related fabrics for this quilt. The diamonds in the lattice are dimensional. They are fused, cut and flipped and add lots of good color and texture.

Cindy's Moose Quilt

Cindy is a serious nature lover! This is quilted so heavily, it can almost stand up by itself.

Laurel's Civil War Quilt

We chose a Fleur dis lis theme for this quilt.