Sunday, November 28, 2010

Robyn's Quilts

Isn't this quilt a beauty?
It is quilted with "Abundant Feathers".

Robyn is a great piecer. She chose several feather quilting patterns for this quilt.

JoAnne's Quilt

JoAnne made this for her son-in-law who works in the aviation industry.
The pantograph is "Popcorn". The backing is luscious dark blue Minkee.

Laurel's Baseball Quilt

Laurel made this for her brother-in-law.
The body is quilted with a fun baseball pantograph. The border says "Go Cubs Go"
and has baseball players in action.

Connie's Gift

Connie made this beauty for a granddaughter.
She has a pet name for each grandchild. This one is "Buttercup". It is hard to see, but there are gold flowers in the brown border.

I also quilted some hidden horses, bears, and hearts in the blocks.

Kathy's Red and Black

This is another bee pass around project. The seams in every block are the same.
It is the color and value placement that make them look so different.

Schley's Quilts

This pattern is called "Facetted Jewels". There are only 2 fabrics in the center. It looks like more because of the color changes in the dark batik.
The center is quilted with the "Blowing in the Wind" pantograph.

This is make to look like set-in tiles.
Getting that border to come out so nicely took skill!

Diana's Quilts

Diana made this Strips and Curves quilt at a retreat this fall.
It represents the harvest moon has symbols of Autumn bounty.

A shot of the back so you can see the quilting.
This quilt is the result of a pass around project.

The stars are quilted with metalic thread.

Candy's Gift

Candy also makes many quilts for friends and family. Aren't the colors of this one soothing?
It is quilted with a Gingko Leaf pantograph.

Dian's Christmas Quilt

Dian made this pretty quilt for a friend - but now declares that she's keeping it for herself.

Joyce's Quilt

Joyce made this for her son. It will have an interesting life because he is a firefighter and this is for him to use while he's at work!

Cindy's Quilts

This is Cindy's original design featuring Wild Geese blocks.
She made HUNDREDS of perfect blocks then used them to create larger designs.

It is quilted with several motifs to emphasize the various aspects of the quilt.
This was supposed to be the backing of the above quilt, but Cindy liked it so much, she used it for a quilt front instead.

Helen's Quilt

Helen also does wonderful hand work. I quilted cross hatching in the center block and border.
The rest is done in Jessica Schnick's "Luscious Leaves" pantograph.

Linda's Mommilies

This is beautifully hand embroidered with things that your mom used to say.
It is quilted with a flower pantograph, but I interupted it to emphasize the quotes.

Wilma's Quilts

Wilma stays busy making gifts for her family. This is a 25th Wedding Anniversary gift for one of her sons.
It has wool batting and the pantograph is called "Popcorn".

This one is for a grand daughter. It is quilted with butterflies.

Wool batting again. Isn't the fabric cute?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Barbara's Quilts

We begin with one of Ryan McKenna's underwater scenes.
Barbara is patiently challenging me to quilt her quilts eensy-beensy.

Now for a raucous Confetti Quilt.
It is quilted with the Pizazz pantograph.

By comparison this Eclipse pattern is pretty mild!
It is quilted with Feathered Leaves.