Thursday, September 23, 2010

Connie's Circle of Life

This pattern was designed by Jacqueline de Jonge. Check out the gallery on her website. It should be illegal to make quilt patterns that hard! But Connie rose to the occasion - and is even teaching a class at Pieceful Hearts on how to construct this beauty.
The precise paper piecing and stitched curves are incredible! I'll be quiet and just let you look.

Lynn's Double Irish Chain

Lynn has hazy memories of making this quilt many, many years ago.
It is quilted with "Angel Wings" pantograph.

Candy's Christmas Gifts

Candy made this one for her brother.
It is quilted with a pantograph called "Wood Grain" by Jodi Beamish.

Candy made this one for her sister-in-law and calls it "Sobriety Test".

It has a soft flannel backing. The pantograph was designed by Ellen Munich.

Diana's Birthday Gift

Diana needs this one for her granddaughter's birthday in November. It's fast, simple and so cute!!!!
Bunnies hold a special place in this family's heart. Plus, I hid some other surprises.

Diana's granddaughter's nick name is Belle.......

Karen's Wedding Gift

Karen sent this quilt back with me and needed it ASAP for a wedding in October.
We used luscious Minkee on the back.

Camp Stitchee Gume!

Twice a year, my mom and sisters get together for several days of piecing! This is our "Strips and Curves" project.
I made a quilt out of selvages.
Some of us did a fusing project.

And we played with a ruler that helped cut slits in the right place to make this design. Some of the over-achievers made "Hot Pockets" (a travel case for a hot curling iron).

Aileen's Wedding Gift

Aileen made this for a family wedding. Her husband helped cut the patches since her hands don't always want to cooperate. A group effort! The wool batting will make it nice and cozy.

Julie's Baby Quilts

Julie will be an aunt soon! Her brother and his wife are getting one of these. Julie is keeping the other one for when SHE needs it!

Debra's Aunt's Embroidered Quilt

Debra says that her aunt did LOTS of embroidery. Her experience shows in her lovely work.
I did simply quilting so the stitching would shine.

Charity Quilts

I quilted a bunch of donated panels to make lap and child size quilts to be given to local charities. I get king size, flannel duvet covers on sale, split 2 sides then I can zip through the quilting as if it is one enormous quilt.

Linda's Wedding Gift

Linda appliqued these old blocks (made by the bride's gramma) onto a backing.
It was a challenge since they were a little warped.

Then she cut up a bride's maid dress to make strips for the backing and also placed the "bride's maids" so they can be seen when the quilt is turned down. Doesn't the Daisy Swirl pantograph look pretty on the shiny fabric?

Lory's Wedding Gift

Lory's future daughter-in-law asked for a pastel quilt. This was a stretch for Lory who usually works in BRIGHTS. She chose a theme fabric and gave bits to several friends who constructed a block or two. Lory put them in this wonderful setting.
Every wedding quilts needs some hearts.

But wait - there were more blocks. So Lory did another wonderful arrangement on the back. It is quilted with an over-all design. A truly reversible quilt!

Schley's Rainbow Lollipops

This adorable quilt is mostly fused! I stitched around all the motifs to hold them down then did the back ground quilting.
Learn all the tricks from Schley! She's teaching this class at Pieceful Hearts in Lisle.