Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brenda and Rhonda's Antique Quilts

These quilts were hand pieced by Brenda and Rhonda's Grandmother and sisters.

Wild Goose Chase is quilted with "Abundant Feathers".

This postage stamp is quilted with a back and forth Baptist Fan.

It is fun to look at the old fabrics!

Linda's Butterflies

Linda appliqued this quilt for her son's wedding.

She chose this pantograph that reminds us of a swirling breeze.

Lisa's Quilt

Lisa is making this for her sister. She plans to swag the borders. Won't that be pretty?

Cindy's Baby Quilt

Cindy made this in anticipation of her first grandchild!

Carolyn's Wedding Quilt

The Material Girls Bee made this for the daughter of a dear friend. She loved red, white and blue. It is quilted with hearts - another favorite.

Elaine's Comforter

Elaine's daughter likes really poofy quilts. So after creating this, she got the thickest batting she could find. I did minimal quilting so it would be very fluffy.

Liz's Dahlia

This is Liz's second Dahlia quilt! She requested that this one look more like a sun and a flower.

She likes curls. So I used a lot ot them in the quilt.

It is easier to see some of the quilting on the back.

Liz's Quilt of Valor

Liz tries to make 4 quilts per year for wounded soldiers. Yea Liz!