Monday, April 22, 2013

Camp Stitchee Gume - Winter 2013

We had a wonderfully large turn-out at our family's semi-annual quilt get-together!
And with all of the little ones, you would be justified in wondering how we accomplished anything at all.  But most of the time, the ratio was 9 women to 3 babies - so we prevailed! 

 If you look closely at the following photos, you'll find that they all contain the white and gold chevron fabric.  It was chosen by our youngest inductee and is a little outside most of our comfort zones.  Never-the-less, we each incorporated it into "something stitched" using a technique we had never done before. 
                                                           Made by sister-in-law Mary

                                                           Made by daughter Abby

Made by sister-in-law Diana
                                                              Made by sister Karen

                                                Made by over-achiever sister Karen

                                                                   Made by mom

                                                             Made by sister Kathy

Made by me
This was another group project.  They are wall quilts inspired by Carol Taylor's "Arcitexture" class. 

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