Sunday, January 1, 2012

Santa's Helper

I had a lot of fun making some quilted Christmas gifts this year. Here are the ones I remembered to take photos of......Above is a case for my grandson's LeapFrog "Computer".

Have you heard of PUL fabric? It is very soft yet water resistant. I got some at JoAnn's and made these cosmetic kits for my daughter.

This is a quilted computer bag.

We bought this fabric to make a quilt, but changed our mind. So I used it to make a duffle bag.

I helped my daughter make quilted Christmas stockings for her new in-laws.

I forgot to take photos of quilted wine totes and a back pack in Hawaiian fabric for an upcoming honeymoon. Oh yea - I got anatomically correct baby dolls for my grandkids and made matching pjs for kids and dolls. Vacation is over now. Back to work!

HAPPY 2012!!!!

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